Out of Retirement and Better than Ever


Performance Styles

Motown/Memphis/New Orleans Rhythm and Blues
     (with a splash of reggae!)

Contemporary Pop & Jazz Standards

Creole, Cajun & Zydeco Dance Music

New Orleans-Style Street Parade Music & Jazz
     featuring trumpets, trombones & tuba

Classic Riverboat Songs and Sing Alongs


School Programs

Traveling Through Time:  Ohio music from the beginning of the statehood

Songwriting Workshop:  Teaching the art of songwriting

Kids Songs:  A concert of kids favorites such as Under the Sea, You Got A Friend in Me, Fill the Air With Love Little Children, Dig, Dig, Dig in the Dirt, and many more...

"It is my legacy to inspire children to play instruments early in their lives. It can be done in a number of different ways; bringing them to the microphone to sing along, teaching them how the trumpet works and letting them try, even helping them to write a song and make a compact disc recording of their works."